Yuzawa Town,
Niigata, Japan

Echigo Yuzawa, Niigata Prefecture, Japan 

winter_img With its huge amounts of snowfall and mountainous terrain, it was only natural that Yuzawa should become a mecca for winter sports. Snow clouds generated over Siberia pick up precipitation from the Sea of Japan, and Yuzawa is the first mountain range that such clouds meet. This leads to massive snowfalls averaging 11.7m over the past 10 years.

spring_img Yuzawa is covered in white throughout winter, and so when spring comes it makes a pleasant change to see new green on the trees and flowers in blossom. This is the time when esansaif mountain vegetables sprout all over the town great for making tempura, and to put in soup.

summer_img Japanese summers are hot, but Yuzawa is a great place to avoid the excesses of city heat. The green environment allows for cooler temperatures, especially during the evening. The wide open spaces of Yuzawa's ski resorts are put to good use in summer there are many music festivals to enjoy

autmn_img When the temperature drops during the fall, the leaves on the mountain trees change into a riot of colou‚’s; vivid reds, yellows and orange, which create the most spectacular scenery. Autumn is also the time of the rice harvest. The Yuzawa area is famous for its ekoshi-hikarif rice the most valued brand of rice in the country.

autmn_img A combination of top-quality rice and abundant clear mineral water helps make some of the finest sake in the country. Yuzawa is home to the sake brewery where eJozenf sake is produced, one of Japanfs most famous and best loved sake brands. To go with the sake, amazing fresh seafood is available despite this being such a mountainous area - the Sea of Japan is only 1 hour away.

autmn_img Yuzawa is known as "Snow Country", as this is the title of a novel set in Yuzawa written by Yasunori Kawabata, who wrote the story whilst staying in the town. The novel is a classic, and earned the author the Nobel Prize for Literature.