Yuzawa Town,
Niigata, Japan

Echigo Yuzawa, Niigata Prefecture, Japan 

yuzawa_kogen_rope_way_img Yuzawa Kogen Ropeway is one of the largest ropeways in the world - holding a massive 166 people! After a 7 minute ascent, you are transported to the 1,300m attitude mountain peak station, with its breathtaking panoramic views of the Yuzawa area.

alp_no_sato_img The Yuzawa Kogen 'Alp No Sato' botanical park contains over 1,000 different types of alpine plant species. Whilst open throughout the green season, the plants are at full bloom from early June to late September. Other attractions include the marshland park 'Ayame-ga-ike', a summer bobsleigh ride [706 metres long], mountain go-cart park, and trekking course alongside Kiyotsu-gawa river.

daigenta_canyon_img For lovers of the great outdoors, Daigenta Canyon is a spot of immense natural beauty. Fresh breezes travel over the lake, and the waterfall is awash with minus ions: a world away from built-up city life. During the autumnal 'Koyo' [leaf colour changing] season, the abundance of colours will take your breath away. Hiking, fishing, boating and BBQ facilities are all provided.


The Snow Country Museum shows exhibits of Yuzawa life and history, in particular during the era when Yasunori Kawabata's "Snow Country" novel first made Yuzawa famous. Before the town established a water sprinkler system on all main roads, locals used to make their 1st floor bedroom windows into doors. When the snow piled up, such bedroom doors became the front door access for the house. The Snow Country museum offers a snapshot of life during this era.



Yuzawa is known throughout Japan as "Snow Country". This is a title of a novel written by Yasunori Kawabata - the story was set in Yuzawa, and indeed was written whilst Kawabata was staying at the Takahan Ryokan in Yuzawa.

Takahan Ryokan contains a museum dedicated to Kawabata, showing a glimpse of Yuzawa life from the 1930's.



The main train station in Yuzawa ("Echigo Yuzawa Station") has a sake tasting area, where you can taste various brands. The station also has an onsen bath with added sake - not for drinking, but said to improve the circulation!



"Asahigama" is the name of this Pottery Studio. Here you can make pottery and ceramics, using a potters' wheel and have the results of your labour fired in a kiln. This can be arranged for everyone: from complete beginners to those devoted to the art, all can enjoy. Groups for up to 50 people can be arranged.



Daigenta Taiken Kobo is located at the foot of Daigenta Canyon, a beautiful spot with amazing scenery that changes with every season. The Taiken kobo offers classes on how to make traditional Japanese food such as 'soba' noodles, 'chimaki' [rice dumplings wrapped in bamboo leaves]. The classes are light-hearted and fun for everyone - including children and those new to Japanese cookery.



OKKY power station one of the largest hydroelectric power stations in the country, powering great parts of Tokyo in addition to other places. There is also a science museum, a multimedia exhibition room, and the wide open space of the adjacent dam, with its greenery and waterfall. A great place to visit for an educational tour.